Urban ITS includes Traffic Management System as a core, Parking guidance, Parking management, Public Transport, Special Vehicles, Maintenance System etc. ROADYNA applies European experience of ITS implementation to Russian cities.
The first step on the way to improve traffic management efficiency in a city is a reliability improvement of the traffic control equipment. Monitoring System available for control of all the types of Traffic Light Controllers and Detectors in the city, gives you a full reliable information on status and control mode of the equipment. Prompt reaction to alarms and faults, statistic and analytic reports – is a necessary tool to improve quality of maintenance of TMS and its overall efficiency.
Usually solution providers can only offer a system connected to one type of traffic light controllers. ROADYNA OKO is focused on the total efficiency improvement of the management of traffic control and is able to work with a broad assortment of field equipment.
If the street network in the city consists just of a few congestions, then a total implementation of adaptive traffic management could be unnecessary. Meanwhile some existing “bottlenecks” are met in all the cities. If it is not possible to solve those congestions by changing the road networks, increasing speed of traffic flow can be a solution.
Implementation of adaptive control even on the local intersection can increase speed of flow up to 75% with a medium index of 20-30%. Successful implementation gives you a base for further step by step improvement by scaling the solution to network of intersections.
Intellectual traffic management system increases safety, decreases travel time, improves comfort of driving. Main target for such a system is to collect data from the field equipment on the motorway and to support operator in traffic control by providing data, advise or control depending on a control mode.
Customers can be limited in choice of equipment or special subsystems due to proprietary traffic management systems which only support a limited list of products. This leads to additional costs and lower efficiency of the total solution. ROADYNA central system allows to use equipment which customer needs with minimum additional efforts. Expanding of the list of equipment, connecting of the new stages – ROADYNA system makes it easy and is able to adapt within short terms.
Road network capacity is as high as tightest places of this network. By providing the system of single junction traffic management with ramp-metering option we can improve a total efficiency of the whole road network.
Customers can connect multiple junctions to one junction control system.
Following modern market trend, we started to provide our TMS as Service in 2018. You can get the central control system with all the options, open, scalable by 10% of its price. Maintenance and support are included.


Current projects

АСУДД интеллектуальной транспортной системы Москвы

System for monitoring of Traffic control equipment


2 626 intersections. 4 types of traffic light controllers. Full time of DB response – 10 minutes. More than 500 recognized alarms. More than 40 types of reports.

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Центра координации АСУДД Санкт-Петербурга

Traffic management systems coordination center


Unites five traffic and maintenance systems of the region. Universal protocol Datex II and web-interface based data exchange. Personal cabinet for each participant of the agreement of data exchange. Reports, data validation, analytics and decision support system.

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Поставка дорожных контроллеров

Adaptive traffic management system


Adaptive traffic management system Samara A well-known worldwide, SCOOT system with a strong story of success, used to assist London in Olympics 2012, now supports Samara in Championship 2018 and further to solve traffic issues in the city. SCOOT controls 59 intersections with EC-2 controllers installed.

Поставка дорожных контроллеров

Traffic light controllers implementation


New TMS installed connected to EC-2 traffic light controllers. This TMS controls traffic on 79 intersections in local-adaptive and coordinated modes.

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