Intelligent Traffic Management System
Types of equipment under control
  • Traffic light controller (TLC)
  • Traffic detectors and inductive loops
  • CCTV cameras
  • Pedestrian push button
Automated data collection
  • Events and faults of TLC
  • Events and faults of the System
  • Moments of phase activation
  • Moments of TLC phase requests
  • Moments of traffic detectors activation
  • Collecting information from traffic detectors
  • Number of TLC in different modes
  • Users actions
Data aggregation, processing and displaying information
  • Displaying of TLC, groups and subgroups of TLC, CCTVs, strategic traffic detectors
  • Displaying of equipment data: actual phase, round diagram, actual signal group combination (scheme), signal diagram, commands for phase activation, traffic detectors status
  • Displaying of TLC group and subgroups status: time-distance diagram, actual cycle, TLC of the group and its status, Gantt chart / round diagrams, scheme
  • Displaying of strategic traffic detectors status: traffic detector window, statistics, graphs, corridor of acceptable values
TLC control
  • Automatic
  • Automated
  • Manual
TLC control modes
  • Fixed
  • Coordinated
  • Synchronized
  • Adaptive
  • Group control
  • Mode according to traffic situation
  • Adaptive network
Personalized access
  • Possible user rights: Administrator, Operator, Traffic Policeman, Transportation Engineer, Viewer and others
  • Editing user rights and limiting accessible objects
Cross platform system able to connect wide range of peripheral equipment brands
Connection of new control algorithms
Scalable by equipment type and location
Integration with third party systems
Realization of V2X