Traffic Light Monitoring System
Types of equipment under control
  • Traffic light controller
  • Traffic light
  • Traffic detector
  • Pedestrian push button
  • Remote control panel
  • CCTV camera
Automated collection of equipment data
  • Control modes and status
  • Faults and alarms
  • System messages and flags
  • Phase number, signal group status
  • Traffic detector status
Data aggregation, processing and displaying information
  • Fault systematization by category and priority
  • Monitoring error handling status
  • Displaying fault and status information (on the map, on the equipment icon, in the equipment window, in the fault list, in the logs)
  • Filtering and/or searching equipment (by category and fault priority, equipment type, location, connection, mode)
Traffic light control
  • Tactical
  • Fixed time
  • Prompt report on number and status of traffic light controllers
  • General reports:
  1. Control mode report
  2. Signal report
  3. Fault report
  4. Software change report
  5. Communication report
  6. Traffic data report
  7. Dashboard report
  8. Red aspect control report
Personalized access
  • Possible user rights: Administrator, Viewer, Engineer, Operator
  • Editing user rights and limiting accessible objects
Traffic engineer tools
  • Gantt chart showing signal group and traffic detector status
  • Time-distance diagram
System event and user action logs
Cross platform system able to connect wide range of peripheral equipment brands
More than 500 recognized errors
More than 40 types of analytic reports
Integration with dispatch systems (fault notification
by e-mail)
Telegram bot informer
Scalable by equipment type and location