Tunnel traffic
management system

at the navigation opening C1, Kronstadt
2 km long tunnel (6 lane highway) under the sea canal being part of 25,4 km long dam connecting northern and southern coasts of the Gulf of Finland
Installed equipment: 26 PEEK highway traffic controllers, 246 Ortana reverse traffic lights, 54 inductive loops for vehicle detection and classification, 66 Ortana VMS,
4 Brimos prism signs, 22 PEEK traffic lights, 14 HIGS gates, 2 Vaisala weather stations, 48 ASIM triple-technology traffic detectors.

Central system: redundant TMS based on SCADA system. More than 100 scenarios of automated traffic management.

Integration: Incident Detection System VIP Traficon, Height Detection System TEC traffic systems, Automated Process Control System (APSC), Video wall